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Archiv für März, 2010

A Mindfreaking A Cappella Chocolate Cake

23. März 2010 8 Kommentare

by Clare Wheeler (The Swingle Singers)

Clare Wheeler The Swingle SingersWeekly “Google Search results for the Swingle Singers in my inbox. Can I be bothered? I don’t want to get out of bed yet and this could be a valid excuse to procrastinate…then I see that “Mouth Off!” have done a review of our (The Swingle Singers) new album “Ferris Wheels”, and I wanna know!

Almost 2 years from conception to realisation, this album has been a personal journey for us. Every single person in the group brought songs that were close to the heart, many members of the group did arrangements for this album (including some inspired first time efforts!

Joanna Goldsmith-Eteson’s first arrangement for the group, “No More I Love Yous” has been nominated for CARA best jazz song! You go girl!). So when we’re talking about this album, it’s our hearts on the line. More so probably Mehr…

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The Pop Academics are Coming

18. März 2010 4 Kommentare

Florian StädtlerIntroduction by Florian Städtler, Vocal Blog

Hi everybody singing, shouting, beatboxing all over the Vocal Globe, this time we got a first-time guest author at Vocal Blog. George Liszt, founder and driver of one of the coolest music “schools” in Europe, the Frankfurt/Germany based Scream Factory (

I like the fact that George is not writing about vocal music in particular, but gives his opinion and asks some clever questions (which you should comment on!) about how musical education in rock, pop and jazz music is more and more becoming academic.

However, have you ever entered an audition with your music diploma in your hand, reading it to Mehr…

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Why Local Promoters Love and Hate A Cappella Groups

11. März 2010 4 Kommentare

by Florian Städtler
March 11, 2010

There’s one basic mistake almost everybody who wants to get out to be heard by the public tends to make: Concentrating on oneself. Companies, entrepreneurs, marketing professionals and – it goes without saying – also musicians and their agents make this mistake all the time. They think about their image, their product, their service first. They talk (or even shout) about it all the time, instead of taking the time to use a strategy, that is much more effective to reach any target group:

Learn to think from the customer’s perspective by learning as much as possible about what your customer really loves (and hates).

What does that mean for vocal groups searching for local promoters to book them for concerts? Very easy: Mehr…

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Life as an A Cappella Addict

1. März 2010 6 Kommentare

by Indra Tedjasukmana
March 1, 2010

Sitting in cars, trains and planes, looking up routes, surfing the internet for the newest CDs, looking up the nominees  for the CARA Awards, checking RARB,, A Cappella News, sending and receiving tons of emails, speaking on the phone or via Skype to people on the other side of the planet, getting nervous and excited when you sit in a bar or club and hear percussion coming out of the speakers that sound like beatbox or the same thing with vocal harmonies. Checking facebook, calling agencies, collecting event calendars, searching for vocal bands, a cappella groups, marking the days in your calendar. Constantly showing the hottest new a cappella music in pop/rock/jazz to your friends, burning “best of a cappella pop 2009” compilations and playing them in your car, at work, on your ipod. When you hear well known songs or melodies imagining them in your head as a cappella versions. I could go on, you’re getting the point. Mehr…