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Archiv für Juni, 2010

Naturally Awesome…

15. Juni 2010 Keine Kommentare

by Joanna Goldsmith-Eteson, The Swingle Singers

Joanna Goldsmith-EtesonWhen we heard that the amazing Naturally 7 would be in good ol’ London town supporting Michael Bublé at the O2 (May 23) – we thought it was too good an opportunity to miss.

Having seen them twice before at the Royal Festival Hall on the South Bank and Fairfield Halls in Croydon we can safely say that you will have a night to remember.

Going to the O2 itself was an experience as none of us had actually been there before. It turned out to be a little like Disneyland for adults! Little ‘streets’ lined with planted trees and too many bars and restaurants to count. We even joked that we felt a little bit smug and important being in there for free as the lovely N7 guys had given us complimentary tickets! As we found our seats (in prime position no less!) we noticed the incredible range of ages around us from the young children behind us to the elderly couple in front of us. I personally don’t know Mr Bublé as well as I could so it was lovely to see the variety of audience he attracts.

When N7 came out they were of course as fantastic as ever. The sound was crystal clear – something we had wondered about as the venue was so huge. But they were completely at home in front of so many thousands of people. They were so humble and gracious and just a pleasure to watch. They even managed to get EVERYONE on their feet and dancing along – I have never seen warm-up/support group ever manage to get more than just polite clapping out of the crowds let alone people up out of their seats and grooving (young children and elderly couple included!).

The most wonderful moment for me was when they sang The Beatles classic ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’. I am still in shock about Jamal’s incredible range and very jealous that he can sing a good 5th higher than I can! (When you’re a soprano it hurts that a man can beat you at what you supposedly do best!)

As for Mr. Bublé, he was very entertaining; a real showman who could probably be a stand-up comedian if he tried! His Michael Jackson impression and Ferris Buller moments were particular highlights. We were very impressed by his banter with the audience, very charming! And of course his chocolatey voice isn’t half bad…

Since the show, Naturally 7′s latest album Vocal Play has been given a good few runs on all our iPods – if you haven’t heard N7 yet you should definitely make it your mission to catch them as soon as you can. These guys are GOOD. VERY GOOD! ’nuff said.

Did you like this article? Something you want to add to Joanna’s post? We want you to let us know, so feel free to post your comments. If you want to share ideas with more a cappella and vocal activists and recommend the site via facebook, twitter or at your blog – thank you!

Ashclouds, Bombs and Weizenbier – Rockapella touring Germany

7. Juni 2010 Keine Kommentare

by Florian Städtler

Touring internationally is far from glamorous. It’s a neverending fight against jet-lag and other obstacles unseen, unheard and unheard of by the a cappella fan.

Rockapella, including their new member Steven “Iron Man” Dorian, finished their longest tour of Germany about two weeks ago before heading to Japan for eight more shows. They’re probably still relaxing from that around-the-world trip, which left audiences from Hamburg to Munich to Tokyo to Sapporo enthusiastic and happy.

I came to see the group at their final gig of the two-weeks German tour in Vellmar and had the opportunity to do three short interviews about the most spectacular events of the tour: First mentioned was the ashcloud which almost prevented three of the guys making it to the first concert in time. Secondly the performance in Göttingen was cancelled just two hours before the show due to a World War II bomb found in the city center. Finally George Baldi III told us his catering secret while touring “Deutschland”: It’s German “Weizenbier” (wheat beer), especially the dark one ;-)

Have fun watching the videos and thanks for your comments. By the way: Rockapella will be back in Europe in October, coming to Espoo, Finland and Bucharest, Romania. Check out for details and contact if you are a promoter and want to present Rockapella on your stage.

Did you like this article? Do you agree or (even better) disagree? We want you to let us know, so feel free to post your comments. If you want to share ideas with more a cappella and vocal activists and recommend the site via facebook, twitter or at your blog – thank you!

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