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Home > Main > Time Flies When You Do the A Cappella Thing

Time Flies When You Do the A Cappella Thing

by Florian Städtler

I could hardly believe it when I realized it a few days ago: Vocal Blog just turned ONE. One year ago we launched this blog, the Facebook group and our Twitter account.

Not in my wildest dreams did I imagine what a few blog posts, the occasional Facebook chat, a list of links and small but steadily growing number of fans, followers, readers and (best of all!) people joining the a cappella conversation can do to your life.

I want to thank my team, Fabian Fehrenbach (he.da.techie), Andrea Kühn (greatest communicator ever) and Deniz Dönmez (bazaar in her veins + subcontralto phone voice) for supporting a boss seemingly gone mad 2.0. All these girls and guys are (way) younger than I am and quite often when I turned up with another “amazingly innovative concept of marketing” they rolled their eyes, looked at each other and finally surrendered to my desire to not only dip a foot into the water of the social a cappella web, but jump right into it.

Not all the things we planned worked out as planned. But Vocal Blog is a rewarding experiment and hopefully the whole community of singers, agents, managers, arrangers, promoters, choir conductors and fans will have lots of fun and the occasional learning when checking out the blog, the Facebook group or what we contribute to the Twitterverse.

And to all of you out there, doing the good thing = the a cappella/vocal/ choir thing: Thank you so much for joining us and keep following what lies ahead. You made time fly.

If you could make a wish – what would you like to read, listen, watch or learn about in year #2 of Vocal Blog?

Do you have something to contribute yourself, something that the community could be interested in? Feel free to send us your ideas, or post a comment – this is a multi-author blog which longs for your contribution.

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  1. 13. September 2010, 12:16 | #1

    Congratulations Florian on being one year old!

    What I would like to know from you, is how do you define “acappella”? It is a word that is thrown around a lot, but I think different people have different understandings of the term. Strictly speaking it is just unaccompanied singing, but I suspect that you have a different intention when you use the term. You can see my understanding here:

    A very personal view of course! I’d be very interested to hear your take.


  2. 19. September 2010, 20:02 | #2

    Hi Chris,

    thanks a lot for your comment. The attached link makes it even more interesting and thought-provoking. I am with you concerning some of the points made and have already started to write on a blog post as an answer.

    What I found out during my research over here in Europe is, that the term “a cappella” has a completely different meaning even in the different EU countries. In Norway for example, they mean sacred vocal music when using the term, in France it simply doesn’t exist, in Germany it’s very often synonymous with comedy-pop vocal music in the tradition of the Comedian Harmonists.

    As far as I can see, the US struggles with the public perspective of “a cappella” being barbershop (rather “square”) or collegiate (rather “uniform”). Compared with the enormous number of high school and college choirs there are very few groups who make it to the professional level.

    The history and future of a cappella, vocal and choir music is at the heart of my work over here, I would love to keep in touch and learn more from singers, conductors, composers and arrangers of vocal music from all over the world. Getting new and different perspectives helps us to open up and find new ways to make music better as a an art form and as a social activity.

    I see no either/or (good/bad) concerning small ensembles and choirs. These are two ways to do a wonderful and precious thing: Singing together. People have done so in all parts of the world and will do so in the future. I don’t really care about terminology. I want to make singing in groups happen, because it brings out the best in children, young and grown-up people.

    Let’s keep on discussing this topic – I’ll get back soon with a post on the musical side of things.

    Best, FSt/Florian

  3. Helen Kuzina
    22. September 2010, 14:48 | #3

    Hi Florian!
    Congratulations to you all and good luck!!!!!

  4. 23. September 2010, 01:42 | #4

    Thanks a lot, Helena! Great to know that there are a cappella fans all over the world.
    Who also (occasionally) read Vocal Blog posts ;-) best wishes, hope to meet you again soon, FSt/Florian

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