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Home > Main > The Real Academy – A School for New A Cappella Music

The Real Academy – A School for New A Cappella Music

by Peder Karlsson, Headmaster The Real Academy (

Peder Karlsson The Real AcademyIn recent years, the world has seen a tremendous development in new ways of making music in/with a cappella groups. A wide variety of genres are represented among the vocal groups, to an extent that simply did not exist twenty or so years ago.

It seems to be a global phenomenon – you can find an awakening interest among young people to start new vocal groups in all countries.

In a traditional choir, where a conductor leads the rehearsals and conducts the concerts, the singers naturally assume a relatively passive role.

In a small vocal ensemble, on the other hand, where each singer is the only person responsible for singing his or her part, it follows as a natural course of things that all group members are involved in the creative processes. In rehearsals, it is very common that A Cappella group members share the leadership role.

New rehearsal methods
What consequences does this have for the development of rehearsal methods for vocal ensembles and choirs?

It goes without saying that traditional choral practise methods needs to be transformed in order to be incorporated into small(er?) vocal ensembles.

In the case of rhythmic music styles; pop, jazz, gospel, soul, folk, r&b, etc, this is particularly evident, since articulation and phrasing in these music styles are very different stylistically from classical choral music. Peder Karlsson, vocal group Vox Fox (Reykjavik)

Music education for vocal ensemble music
In most countries, the education available for leadership in vocal ensemble music is based on classical choral music rehearsal methods. Of course we all have a lot to learn from the choral masters! But as music changes in how it is performed, the educational systems need to change as well.

If you want to open up a new school for vocal ensemble music, and build it from scratch, where is the natural place to start? Vocal group Dynamic (Stockholm), Mette Maagaard (Vocal Line), Peder Karlsson

Since we live in a world where information technology provides us with new opportunities to meet and exchange experiences, the logical answer is: (on) the internet!

Welcome to The Real Academy – a school for new A Ccappella music, presented by The Real Group!

Peder Karlsson, Headmaster

Photos courtesy of Markku Pihlaja.

Are you a singer, teacher or vocal coach with new ideas in music education? Do you have experience in learning online and learning music online? What can you contribute to Peder’s concept?

We’re happy to read your comments, thank you for joining the conversation!

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