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Home > Main > The European Voices Manifesto

The European Voices Manifesto

by Peder Karlsson (The Real Academy), Tobias Hug (The Swingle Singers), Jim Daus Hjernoe (The New Vox North), Volker Bauer (A Cappella Online), Peter Martin Jacob (magenta concerts), Tilo Beckmann (leading voices) and Florian Städtler (Vocal Blog)

The EVA core team, Ludwigshafen/GER 2010

These are exciting times for contemporary vocal music in Europe. The pioneers and legends of the vocal and a cappella scene are passing on the baton to an ever-growing number of amateur and pro vocal groups, festivals, schools. Slowly but surely vocal music is becoming more audible and visible in mainstream media. Global companies are using singers, beatboxers and vocal groups for their marketing, e.g. T-Mobile (“Welcome Back” London Vocal Flash Mob).

With all these things happening, a core group of a cappella activists started to work on a European vision of contemporary vocal, a cappella and choral music. Exactly one year ago we started a journey and today we want to make you, people who proved that they get things done musically and business-wise, passengers on this journey.

After one year of preparation, discussion and mutual inspiration, Peder Karlsson (The Real Academy), Tobias Hug (The Swingle Singers), Jim Daus Hjernøe (Aalborg Conservatory, The New Vox North), Peter Martin Jacob (magenta concerts), Tilo Beckmann (leading voices), Volker Bauer (A Cappella Online) and Florian Städtler (Vocal Blog) are excited to present you with a new organisation working for all people dedicated to our art form, vocal music: The European Voices Association (EVA)

As a very first step, we wrote the European Voices Manifesto, which lays down the principles that EVA stands for.

We are now asking all those of you who are responsible for the incredible development of European vocal music to sign the Manifesto to show your support.  If you haven’t done so yet, send a digital scan of your signature to

If that’s a technical problem, just send your signature on a piece of paper to the EVA contact adress. More information about the plans for the European Voices Association, the Manifesto and the EVA core team members can be found at, our first humble online proof of existence. And here are the names of those who already joined the movement and showed their support for the Manifesto (in alphabetical order:)

Lucy Bailey (The Swingle Singers/UK), Daniel Barke (Tonalrausch/GER), Volker Bauer (A Cappella Online/GER), Marco A. Billep/GER), Sara Brimer (The Swingle Singers/UK), Fausto Caravati (Solevoci/ITA), Emily Dickens (VOCES8/UK), Jean Digby (Singacappella/UK), Deniz Dönmez (SpielPlanVier/GER), Anders Edenroth (The Real Group/SWE), Joanna Eteson-Goldsmith (The Swingle Singers/UK), Jürgen Faßbender (GER), Fabian Fehrenbach (SpielPlanVier/GER), Kevin Fox (The Swingle Singers/UK), Christopher Gabbitas (The King’s Singers/UK), Alexandra Godfree (Voice Festival/UK), Colin T. Graham (UK), Havard Gravdal (Pust/NOR), Oliver Griffiths (The Swingle Singers/UK), Line Groth Riis (Postyr/DK), Andrea Haines (VOCES8/UK), Lydia Haschke (medlz/GER), Maria Heinig (medlz/GER), Jim Daus Hjernoe (The New Vox North/DK), Jesper Holm (Touché/DK), Jonathan Howard (The King’s Singers/UK), Tobias Hug (The Swingle Singers/UK), David Hurley (The King’s Singers/UK), Sandra Hylla (mad4music/GER), Christopher Jay (The Swingle Singers/UK), Peder Karlsson (The Real Academy/SWE), Sabine Kaufmann (medlz/GER), Morten Kjaer (DK), John Kjoller (Basix/DK), Andrea Kühn (SpielPlanVier/GER), Thierry Lalo (The Voice Messengers/FRA), Philip Lawson (The King’s Singers/UK), Claire Long (Music Prod./UK), Charles Alexander MacDougall (VOCES8/UK), Michele Manzotti (ITA), Silvana Mehnert (medlz/GER), Miklos “Mickey” Nemeth (Fool Moon/HUN), Lars Orhoj (DK), Nelly Palmowske (medlz/GER), Staffan Paulson (Vocal Six), Costa Peristianis (Ikon Arts/UK), Ane Carmen Roggen (Pitsj/NOR), Nina Ruckhaber (Jazzchor Freiburg/GER), Romy Schmidt (Spectaculum Mundi/GER), Till Schumann (Unduzo/GER), Kristian Skarhoj (Songs of the Moment/DK), Joakim Skog (SWE), Barney Smith (VOCES8/UK), Paul Smith (VOCES8/UK), Robert Robbie Smith (VOCES8/UK), Florian Städtler (SpielPlanVier, Vocal Blog/GER), Indra Tedjasukmana (Sonic Suite/GER), Kristoffer Fynbo Thorning (Postyr/DK), Idun Thorvaldsen (NOR), Elin Valvatne (Apes & Babes/NOR), Marty van der Staak (NED), Saso Vrabic (Perpetuum Jazzile/SLO), Chris Wardle (VOCES8/UK), Cleveland Watkiss (UK), Timothy Wayne-Wright (The King’s Singers/UK), Sebastian Weingarten (Renitenztheater/GER), Clare Wheeler (The Swingle Singers/UK), Eric Whitacre (UK), Holger Wittgen (Kultursommer Rheinland-Pfalz/GER), Dingle Yandell (VOCES8/UK).

Isn’t that amazing!?!

See you in Aarhus!! From left to right: Peter, Jim, Peder, Tobi, Volker, Tilo, Florian

We would love if you added your signature to the Manifesto and want ot meet as many of you as possible at the EVA kick-off meeting. This meeting will mark the foundation of The European Voices Association and will give the opportunity to meet the complete core team and many more movers and shakers of European vocal music. It will take place on the final day of Aarhus Vocal Festival, May 9th 2011, 9:00 am at Aarhus, Musikhuset (Kammermusiksalen). The festival, featuring concerts with Bobby McFerrin, Vocal Line, Pust, Basix, Postyr as well as a fantastic workshop and coaching programme, will go ahead from the 6th to the 9th of May – exactly four weeks from today!

Thank you very much for supporting EVA and for marking Aarhus in your calendars. If you have questions concerning the Manifesto, the kick-off meeting or EVA in general,  feel free to get in touch with Florian Städtler (staedtler@spielplanvier; +49 761 38 94 74) anytime.

Looking forward to getting your feedback and your signatures and meeting all of you in person in Denmark!

Best wishes

Peder, Jim, Volker, Tobi, Peter, Tilo & Florian

Want to contribute to the development of European vocal, a cappella and choral music? Why not write a blog post on your activities, ideas and visions here at Vocal Blog? Or just post your comments and tell the acaworld what you want EVA to achieve for the community!

  1. Jürgen Goeres-Petry
    20. Dezember 2011, 08:31 | #1

    Tolle Ideedas Thema so zu bearbeiten. Bin als Hobbysänger, Musikant und professioneller Tonmann gerne bereit etwas beizutragen und das EVM zu unterstützen. GO. jgp

  2. 21. Dezember 2011, 13:31 | #2

    Lieber Jürgen,

    vielen Dank für Deinen Kommentar. Und für die Unterstützung der European Voices. Wir waren gestern ja (wie Dir dank modernster Medien nicht verborgen blieb) die Formalitäten regeln, jetzt geht’s dann richtig los.

    So haben wir gestern beschlossen, dem Manifest keine weiteren Unterschriften mehr hinzuzufügen. Allerdings sind wir uns einig, dass wir so viele Unterstützer wie möglich brauchen, um dieses Non-Profit-Projekt europaweit in Fahrt zu bringen.

    Mein Vorschlag:
    - ich übernehme Dich in den insgesamt schon ca. 300 Personen umfassenden EVA-Verteiler.
    Die dort gelisteten Personen erfahren immer zuerst, was sich tut, wo wir uns treffen und
    natürlich auch, was man selbst beitragen kann.
    - zweitens würde ich Dich gerne in das ca. 20-30 Personen umfassende “Advisory Board”
    nehmen, Pflicht hier ist es, die Vorlagen des Vorstands und wichtige Entscheidungen
    auf Anfrage zu kommentieren und seine geballte Weisheit einzubringen
    - hierzu bekommst Du einen Anmeldelink für die Real Academy, über dessen IT-Infrastruktur
    wir diese Gruppe von Experten vernetzen werden, in Kürze dann einen ersten Frage-
    bogen, den wir mit dem Vorstand ausgearbeitet haben

    Einverstanden? Wenn ja, gerne kurze E-Mail an

    Ich freue mich auf gemeinsame EVA-Erlebnisse und wünsche Happy Holidays!

    EVA chairman

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