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Home > Main > Acappellazone – A Dream Come True For A Cappella Fans

Acappellazone – A Dream Come True For A Cappella Fans

by Nina Ruckhaber (Jazzchor Freiburg, GER)

I can look back at many years of being an a cappella fan. One drives to concerts in the area, visits festivals and gets to know bit by bit more and more a cappella groups – nationally and internationally.

The a cappella scene had been a some kind of subculture for quiet some time. The choir-like singing in small groups did and still does not address everybody. At concerts, one usually meets people, which sing in choirs themselves and thus are familiar with the scene. If you try to inspire people in your surroundings which do not care much about music, you will too often struggle. This has hardly changed – except for the phenomenon Wise Guys. They are the most successful and most visited a cappella group in Germany, which attract crowds of people with their “vocal pop” music.

If you have a closer look at the a capella scene, one finds many small groups which make music on a high standard. At concerts, one can listen to the really cool and interesting arrangements – vocally perfectly performed. The high standard of many of those groups can hardly be find in the mainstream music market.

Slightly, this subculture of the a capella scene develops toward the public and more and more people are reached with this kind of music. Of course, I am personally very happy about this development.

This Vocal Blog, founded by Florian Städtler, is the perfect platform for artists and fans for exchanges. Besides A Cappella Online, this is another important meeting point for the scene.

A couple of weeks ago, another platform established, which makes a dream come true for a capella-fans: ACAPPELLAZONE. Acappellazone is an online shop, which offers a great variety of a cappella CDs for sale. The perfectly designed website, invites to browsing and allures to give ones savings to artists, in order to be able to listen to the beautiful sounds of the a cappella art at home.

The offerings of the zone is broad: starting with the internally famous Naturally 7 and Rajaton over lone wolves like Martin O. to choirs like the Jazzchor Freiburg and Vocal Line.

To artists Acappellazone is very attractive, as their major target groups make use of the platform and get informed about the variety of groups – ones they even did not know before. Artists can also take advantage of banners on the website to draw attention on ones music. Thus, the platform has a high potential for artists to attract more listeners of their music. Such promotion is otherwise only possible at concerts.

To a cappella groups it is very comfortable, when they can outsource the sales and shipping of their CDs to such a provider. They can sell their music on their own website as well as on Acappellazone’s one. “The Swingle Singers”, for example, have outsourced their entire sales for CDs and have directly linked their online shop to the Acappellazone website.

Besides CDs, one can also buy DVDs, notes, merchandising material on the platform. However, these sections are presently at an early stage and about to develop within the next couple of weeks.

The search function on the website facilitates users their search for their desired a cappella group. The detailed descriptions of any product on sale and a filter make it possible to find a certain style or group on the website. A comprehensive list of artist provides a good overview on all a cappella groups joining the platform. Shipping takes about one to three days and thus is very consumer-friendly. Online newsletter inform subscribers steadily about new products available on the platform.

As a fan, I really hope that all a cappella groups will join the portal soon. Acappellazone is on its way to become an important corner stone for sales in the a capella scene.

Another milestone to arouse the public interest in a cappella music.

With lots of effort and energy Florian Städtler provides a growing space for a cappella much in his event agency. “Thank you!” for founding “Vocal Blogs” and “Acappellazone” and finding this market niche.

Nina Ruckhaber is singer and organizer with the pioneering Jazzchor Freiburg (cond.: Bertrand Gröger) and one of these 100% acappellified people. She was one of the chosen few who sang a solo with Bobby McFerrin during one of the “Vocabularies” concerts with Bobby.

Let us know what you think about Acappellazone: Would you want to sell your stuff there? Is there anything you would want to find there? What’s your experience with a cappella online shopping?

  1. 15. August 2011, 23:03 | #1

    I’m so glad you brought this subject to light. I know that in America there are new shows on TV it seems like every day highlighting A Cappella singers. I’m so glad this is coming back!

  2. 16. August 2011, 08:40 | #2

    Hi Ken, great to hear from you. Have you visited (also see Would be interested in your feedback. Best wishes, FSt/Florian.

  1. 5. August 2011, 21:42 | #1
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