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Home > Main > Further into the Jungle

Further into the Jungle

by Tine Fris, Postyr Project (originally posted at

Tine in NYC, 2009

So, the news is finally out. We just signed a contract of representation and bookings with Florian Städtler’s SpielPlanVier regarding the territories (as they say in the music business) of Germany, Austria and Switzerland (G/A/S). Already, we have new gigs coming up in both 2011 and 2012 –you will hear more about this on a later notice.

Today I would like to tell you about the next steps on our journey deeper and deeper into the European music industry jungle.

As always, when travelling in unknown land, you need to get an overview of the landscape, the possibilities and the unspoken rules of interaction and social conduct before moving forward. Over the summer, I have been following a few music business blogs to achieve just that. Indepedent Music Advice is one of my favourites.

Also, I have asked all the people I could think of for advice. I started with the people already connected to the project Jesper Mardahl, head of Promus, Anne Jensen, Promus, Gunnar Madsen, SPOT and ROSA and Andreas’ father in law, Søren Schriver, CEO at Hummel International. They were all very helpful, and even offered to set up meetings with people in their network.

Jesper suggested that we should join this year’s edition of Popkomm in Berlin to introduce ourselves to the German music business and to possibly find a German promotion agency, that could help us increase our presence in G/A/S even more by promoting the concerts and push our songs into the radios’ playlists. So we did.

After filling in the application and paying for the tickets, I started my research by surfing the Popkomm-website. Soon I learned that the Danish Arts Council ( also planned to attend, and they were actually managing some meeting facilities for Danes at Popkomm, here we were welcome to hang out and use as a platform to meet new people.

Also, I was made aware that the Danish Musicians Union were hosting a concert for some other Danish pop/electronic/rock acts on the opening night of Popkomm, and after a talk with chairman Lars Kiehn, it seemed as the perfect event to hook up with well-established contacts and there by put ourselves in a situation, where we could meet new contacts.

Later in the process, I researched all the Popkomm delegates, to check out who could be interesting for us, contacted about 30 companies and people, and set up meetings with about 15 of them.

Most importantly, I once again turned to Jesper, who set up a meeting with Mette Zähringer from Iceberg Records. Her company is very strong on the German market, and Jesper figured, that she might know more about, which German promotion agencies would fit our profile. Mette was really helpful, and we actually succeeded in catching the attention of one of the agencies, she recommended.

In the days before Popkomm, we had our hands full with the preparations, finishing the press-kit, mailing it to the right people, settling the last details about where and when to meet, finding a place to stay, designing and printing a new special made flyer, we could hand out at use as a staring point when introducing ourselves and much more. Fortunately, we made it in time, so we were ready, when we arrived in Berlin Wednesday night, September 7th.

Postyr ProjectThe days passed so fast, going from one meeting to another, listenings to a whole bunch of concerts and talking none-stop about the new possibilities that appeared to us, as we headed deeper and deeper into the music business jungle.

Nothing is settled yet, so far no deals have been closed, and it’s hard to tells wheather this is the silence before the storm –or simply just… silence… I guess, time will tell.

Tine Fris, singer with Aarhus (DK)-based electro a cappella quintet Postyr Project, is a great example of the young generation of artists that both have a very clear artistic vision (“to combine the natural softness and vitality of the human voice and the uncompromising and merciless roughness of electronic instruments”) and a very professional attitude towards marketing and selling their “product”. Vocal Blog is happy to have Tine Fris and Kristoffer Fynbo Thorning (Chief Electronic Officer of Postyr’s ;-) as regular guest bloggers.

Don’t forget to get a copy of Postyr ‘s pioneering debut album “Postyr Project”, available at And if you want to book the group for your event, send your offer to

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