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Home > Main > The Sing-Off Season 3 Episode 3 – Highlights

The Sing-Off Season 3 Episode 3 – Highlights

by our Sing-off correspondent, Robert-Jon Eckhart (post originally posted at on October 8th)

Although we’re clearly still in the first phase of the competition, I feel like The Sing-Off finally kicked off this week. I finally got that real Sing-Off feeling in my gut. The feeling that says: “Oh yeahh, this is so goooood!!” I won’t keep you any longer, here are the highlights of this weeks episode.

Lots of class

So. Afro-Blue doing American Boy. I think we can all agree on this one. What a stellar performance. They just did everything right. It’s a total overhaul of the original while keeping it recognizable. It’s full blown jazz while keeping it accessible to non-jazzers like yours truly. And finally a mid-song remix moment with class. After so many cheesy remix moments on The Sing-Off, this one makes me one happy acafella.

I’ve got nothing else to say. Watch it. Listen to it. Love it. Next!

Vocal Point doing Sinatra’s The way you look tonight. Daaaaaaaaaaamn! Who knew a cappella could sound like this? It just doesn’t get any classier. The lead vocal could come straight out of a Broadway production. And all those horns… wow! Those kinda complex arrangements aren’t easy to sing but they pulled it of flawlessly.

It’s interesting to note that this is an all male college group. And while most male college groups get their success from their high fun-factor, goofiness and colorful ties, the guys from Vocal Point effortlessly level themselves with the playing field of the big boys.

The big girls

Delilah might be the most talked-about group, mainly because they are the only all female group participating. And then some because they are awesome. I loved their rendition of ‘Whataya want from me’ because of their innovative way of arranging and presenting it. The line by line stacking of the vocals makes it really easy to get drawn into the song.

But still, I’m going to say it: At the transition from choral-style to track-style, when the beat drops in, I’m missing quite some low end to really get that groove going. The beatboxing is awesome though, and they make up their lack in groove with a great deal of emotion and stage presence.


The competition has started and the first weaknesses are starting to appear. Make no mistake, all these groups are absolutely top notch. But with the magnifying glass of television on top of them, minor flaws will be visible! Also, the judges are starting to be more critical about the performances. I’m finding all of this pretty exciting.

It is on!!

Further reading:

Besides the usual blogs of Ben Folds and Shawn Stockman, have a look at the backstage videos from Sam Tsui, they’re pretty nice! If you’re looking for more info on any group, such as facebook pages or twitter accounts, try Who’s who on The Sing-Off?.

by Robert-Jon Eckhardt, originally posted at Check out RJ’s blog, it’s awesome and we can be so happy that he will write about the whole Sing-off season both on his and on Vocal Blog. Keep doing the Sing-thing, my dear co-blogger.

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