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Home > Main > The Sing-Off Season 3 Episode 5: Highlights

The Sing-Off Season 3 Episode 5: Highlights

by our Sing-off correspondent, Robert-Jon “I-adore-Sara-B” Eckhardt (originally posted at on October 23rd, 2011)

Hey guys! I hate to get all fanboyish up your ass but oh my god did you see that Pentatonix performance? Remember how four episodes ago I wrote that I knew that they could pull off crazy sound effects and skipping beats perfectly? Well, this week’s your proof.

These guys are doing everything right. First off their song choice “Video killed the radio star” was perfect for the Guilty Pleasure theme of the night. I love the silly moves, the 80′s synths and al the crazy sound effects throughout the song. Also, great choice to bring in Mitch for the bridge. He and Scott have distinctly different sounds which makes the entire thing even more interesting. They could’ve done this for 3:30 minutes easily without getting boring.

After broadcasting, the song quickly rose to #160 in the iTunes top 200 charts, which is quite an accomplishment for a two minute live recording. Well deserved.

Next up is Urban Method. They really shine in being the only group with an effective theatrical presentation. What I mean by that is that they take their choreographies beyond just doing dance moves, and actually create a scene on stage with recognizable personas. In this case, Troy has obviously fallen victim to the sultry moves of the three ladies at the center of the stage, while his friend Mike is trying to save him from taking their poison. (Never trust a big butt and a smile!)

Also, I have a soft spot for 80′s rap and dance moves. How I wish I was born 30 years earlier.

And then there’s Vocal Point. They don’t have as many tricks up their sleeves as the previous two groups, but they more than make up for it with plain skill. Two weeks ago they went all classy and jazzy, but this week they pulled off the high-energy “Footloose” just as easily. There aren’t that many groups that can hold up this beat and energy this consistently throughout a song.

The group has quite a few very skilled tenors amongst them. Just listen to the confidence and power in the ending chord, or the high climax around the 1:20 mark. What I wouldn’t give to be able to belt it out like that!

further reading

There has been quite some talking about the elimination of Sonos last week. Debating anything from their skills as singers to the relevance of the show itself. I’ve seen many interviews by Chris Harrison appear, explaining both the group’s and the show’s decisions. I can recommend these to on Digital Spy and Sin3g, the latter one actually being a personal response to a blogpost on Sin3g, rather than a formal interview.

After that, don’t forget to read Shawn’s blog. Ben’s episode 4 blog is online but through some faults in the website, you can’t read it. Again. (Get your stuff together NBC website-folks!) Luckily his episode 5 blog is available here. If you still have time left after that, know that all groups are blogging on the NBC website.

See you next week!

  1. Tatiana Tver
    5. November 2011, 12:44 | #1

    for Tobias Hug. I enjoyed it very much work with you on concert in Tver.

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