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Home > Main > The Sing-Off Season 3 Episode 8 – Highlights

The Sing-Off Season 3 Episode 8 – Highlights

by Robert-Jon Eckhart, originally posted at RJ’s blog on November 7th, 2011 – sorry for the SoJam-related delay ;-)


Yes, I have failed! This is the first blog I didn’t manage to churn out before the airing of the next episode, and I feel bad about it. But man, have I been sick last week. Or rather, exhausted to a point where I found myself in bed for almost a week, for several days not being able to talk at all. Let me tell you, that is one weird experience. And frustrating, above all.

And while we’re on the topic of not discussing this particular episode, let’s throw in some gossip. As you might know, I’ve been a huge fan of Pentatonix ever since they opened their mouths on the show. As such I’ve been following them on twitter and am noticing something weird: the three founders of the group are doing quite a few performances at the moment just with the three of them. As I recently learned, bassist Avi and beatboxer Kevin were added to the group just because five members was the minimum required. They were doing their first performances as a five person group on The Sing-Off, which seems completely crazy to me, considering how tight that was.

Anyhow, just the other three are doing a lot of appearances on radio shows, at schools, and even posting thank you-messages just by the three of them, stating that their buddies are out of town. Which may be true, but may or may not be the reason why they are not participating. Does this mean they were eliminated during the taping last summer, and decided to continue in their original formation? (And for the sake of the show can’t tell anybody yet?) Or am I being delusional here? What do you think?

All I’m trying to say is: these guys better not be kicked off ’cause they’re too amazing to not be in the big finale, and they better not leave Avi and Kevin behind because the five of them are too amazing to break up. That being said, here’s what I thought of the actual episode.

Delilah was (finally?) eliminated, I guess mainly because of this performance. I’m using ‘finally’ here in the sense that they’ve been criticized so much. In this performance they were called on their pitch issues, but the actual full reason why they were kicked off hasn’t been stated so clearly. (Remember that they are also judged on being able to produce a good album.)

It has to be said that all remaining groups are of amazing quality, and maybe you don’t need that many reasons anymore to kick a group off the show. It’s a tough playing field. One way or another, I loved this performance and I really enjoyed Delilah’s participation in the contest. So here’s to them.

I can’t make up my mind about which groups should be competing in the finale. Afro-Blue have amazing skills obviously, but too often they fail to communicate. For instance, I didn’t like their first song this episode at all. Vocal Point doesn’t have the personality that Afro-Blue has, but they are so freakishly consistent! Besides being absolutely amazing vocalists, they are masters at interpreting and delivering all kinds of genres. I’m so happy I’m not the one having to choose which group goes on and which one doesn’t. I did think Afro-Blue’s second song, Need you now, was pretty amazing. Which is why you see it embedded above.

I can’t leave out these guys another week! It’s the first time Pentatonix did a really easy going song, and it turns out they’re just as great doing that. Look at ‘em being all cute, looking each other in the eyes and being friendly. I don’t think there’s another group as physically relaxed on stage as they are. I love how all their voices are distinctly different, at any time you can hear what each of them is doing, while still having some kind of superhero blend.

You’re still my faves Pentatonix!!

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Ben’s Blog is back, although Shawn, quite like myself, seems to have missed a week!

Robert-Jon is our Sing-off man. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the programme. Now everybody, let us know what you think of a cappella hitting mainstream tv? Good or bad to move outside the a cappella comfort zone? Education or entertainment? Musical quality or…whatever criteria this whole competition thing is based on. Thanks for joining the conversation. Find more a cappella, vocal and choral music news and links at Vocal Blog on Twitter and Facebook. ^FSt

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