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Home > Main > Postyr’s Line Groth on Intonation Basics

Postyr’s Line Groth on Intonation Basics

by Line Groth Riis (Postyr Project)

This is an answer to Christopher who, after reading Tine’s blog, raised a question about which intonation and blend exercises Postyr use.

When it comes to intonation, there are different issues you should be aware of/ take care of:

1) The colours of the vowels should be similar

2) Especially in vocal jazz it’s important to start and end the note at the same time

3) Vibrato/ non-vibrato. The vibrato might make the pitch unclear

4) Posture. Tine already covered this aspect which is also very important in getting the right pitch

5) Being aware of the harmonics. For instance if you’re singing the ninth of the chord you should not be as loud as the root note or the fifth.

And finally it’s also a matter of ear training. And for this I have attached a couple of exercises you might find useful: Intonation Exercises

When it comes to blend there are also different ways of approaching this area:

1) Working on your vocal techniques (which is for sure a topic for a future blog!) in order to be able to sing with the same tone colours and qualities.

2) Training your ears towards listening to your fellow singers and tuning in!
And for this there is a great exercise which I call the ‘shadow game’:

One singer (any singer) is appointed ‘leader’ and the other singers in the group should sing a certain phrase the exact same way as the leader – they copy whatever sound colour, dynamics, phrasing etc. the leader puts into the phrase and try to blend with the leader (= they act like shadows of the leader).
- The singers should take turn being the leader.
- You can agree beforehand, that now the leader should sing with the darkest sound possible, or as softly as possible and so on. Or you can just let the leader sing the phrase the way he or she thinks it should be song – with her/his own expression.
- It is possible and actually fun to try to let the boys shadow a girl lead singer or the other way around….
- You can also let an entire voice group be leaders, so that for instance the entire choir should shadow the sopranos.

I hope this will be useful to the Vocal Blog Readers and I look forward to hearing your comments :-)

All the best,


Line is singer, composer, arranger and vocal coach with Danish electro-vocal group Postyr Project. Hailing from Danish vocal Mecca Aarhus (Aarhus Vocal Music Festival, Vocal Line), this quintet is one of the most innovative and refreshing rising stars on the European scene. And Vocal Blog is very, very happy to have Postyr members Line Groth, Tine Fris and Kristoffer Thorning as regular authors, sharing their know-how and inspiration.

Be sure to stay tuned to Postyr on Facebook and Twitter as well as when my Danish darlings will be “Back on the Blog”.


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