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Home > Main > Postyr’s Online Concert – A Whole New Live Concept?

Postyr’s Online Concert – A Whole New Live Concept?

courtesy of Kristoffer Fynbo Thorning (Postyr Project), originally posted on on January 19th

I would like to tell you about the LiveMusicStage (LMS) project.
We met the Finnish CEO of LMS: Antti, at last years Popkomm in Berlin by coincidence. Tine and I where browsing around and stumbled over the LMS stand, where we quickly got an insight of the possibilities to do an online concert. There are many different platforms to do live-streaming of concerts on the web, but LMS had a different angle than most I’d seen. First was the quality of the picture which was beautifully and then there was the professional TV-studio and the team that was filming the concerts. It looked really nice and the whole idea, that it was recorded without an audience and everything was live-streamed, really appealed to the tech-nerd inside of me.

There was some well integrated interaction possibilities for the viewer as well. At first I thought it was a little taggy with the small silhouette waving and clapping in the bottom of the screen and I was scared that the running facebook chat would become really annoying, but after I tried one of the concerts, I could see that it was these small things that made you feel as a small part of the setting and concert environment.You could compare it to an ordinary concert where each individual audience don’t have the possibility to interact directly with the performer, but as a group, the audience can really affect the concert, and be a big part of the atmosphere at the venue.
The same goes for LMS where you can enable the full screen mode and only see the performers or use the little avatar to show three different gestures It doesn’t feel like a real live concert and it doesn’t feel like a live-stream. It’s something in between, a new concert format that you can play around with and that really excites me. A new concert concept where we can test ourselves and our music in a new frame and with a new kind of audience.

After the meeting with Antti from LMS at Popkomm, I knew that we should do such a concert with Postyr Project and I started to figure out a way to bring the concept to Denmark. So far, all the LMS concerts has been filmed in Finland and I needed to find a way to keep our costs down and still be able to do the concert witcompetitionh the professional setup. Well, first of all we needed a camera team that could produce this kind of event and I got in contact with the Danish production center TV-Basic. It’s a small school for TV in our hometown Århus and they immediately jumped onboard the project. We looked at several venues for the two concerts and decided to ask Hummel Fashion that had just opened their new headquarters at the harbour of Århus. After getting in contact with CEO Søren Schriver and the owner Christian Stadil we agreed on using their “showroom” with a beautiful view of the harbour, to shoot the two concert at. They also encourage us to make the concerts free of charge and thereby increasing the publicity value and reaching out to a wider audience.

So together with Tine I gathered small video grettings from around the world and Andreas put them together into a small presentation video. I made a digital poster/flyer to pass around and hopefully we will have a videoblog from Antti from LMS who will tell something about the technology behind Live Music Stage.

So here we are, 10 days to the concerts and things are starting to fall into place. We have to bring the Finnish Antti from LiveMusicStage to Århus so he can supervise the concerts and make sure that the hardware and uploading is working properly. We have to work in a different way with our sound, since there will be no actual front speakers and the whole sound mix should be fitted for computer and TV speakers. We need to setup the stage, light and scenery so it will reflect our thoughts of a house concert and still make it possible for the cameras to catch the mood and emotions we would like to express. And we need to find a way to make TV-Basics equipment and signal work together with Antti and the LMS hardware.

All this set aside, we are all really excited about these two concerts and naturally a little anxious. What will this new venue feel and look like, can we bring some of the live-feeling to the other side of the screen and will our music and voices carry through the very different sound-setups people will use for seeing the concerts?
There’s only one way to find out: the 29th of January 2012.

If you want to see another live showcase by Postyr on January 24th  at Europe’s leading culture expo, the Kulturbörse Freiburg (A Cappella Special with Musix and Harthmuth und die Hitmaschine), you actually have to go come to Freiburg, the capital of  the Black Forest. (Note: Line and Florian have scheduled a Vocal Jog!!)  Or see Postyr with the Bonner Jazzchor on January 25th in Köln/Cologne, Altes Pfandhaus.

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