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Home > Main > VOCES8 on the Road: A US A Cappella Adventure

VOCES8 on the Road: A US A Cappella Adventure

by Paul Smith, baritone with VOCES8


Mr Vocal Blog, in the lovely post-LACF haze of warm feelings, amazing a cappella and shared time with friends from around the world in our home town of London, talked about the a cappella community.  It’s a wonderful thing! The LACF brought home, literally, how very intimate our world can be – with friends from all over the globe sharing this love and passion for the same art.  The festival also brought home to me how extreme the parameters of the term ‘a cappella’ can be! Fork seems a world away from what we do in VOCES8, but I loved it all the same!!

After having this experience on my doorstep, we’re now turning to the other side of a cappella life – a life on the road. VOCES8 departs on Saturday for a 7 week tour across the USA, during which we’re spending one month driving from gig to gig, covering about 5,000 miles in our two massive 4×4’s.  It’s going to be quite an experience, and our journey takes us from Colorado up through the likes of New Mexico; the Dakotas (North and South); Iowa, Minnesota – at this time of year, we’ve been told to dress warm!

This opportunity is an amazing one, but it also brings home how much we miss those we leave at home.  Touring is a wonderful, brilliant way to share our music, meet new friends and spread the a cappella word, but it’s also tough on those who have loved ones and family that we won’t be with for such a long time.  I look forward with excitement, tinged with a touch of nervous anticipation and hopes for meeting new people who enrich our lives. I expect every other a cappella nut is nodding their head as they read this!

As we travel, we’ll be making little videos, so do try to keep up with the many weird and wonderful places that VOCES8 will be appearing.  We’re celebrating our fifth year as a professional group, so there will be a little party wherever we go (we hope!!).  If you live in the US, and you love a cappella, then try to find us somewhere on our big adventure….. It’s road trip time.

Paul is the baritone in VOCES8 and leads their education programme, which  works with 25,000 young people every year, and with long term projects in the UK, USA and France.

‘A Choral Tapestry’ by VOCES8 will be released on Signum Records on 1st February 2012.
‘In the Beginning’, the 5 Year Anniversary EP by VOCES8, is on selected release now.

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  1. 20. Januar 2012, 00:22 | #1

    Hi. I’m the agent who booked this crazy adventure on which VOCES8 is about to embark. It’s going to be a tough one, but it’s going to be an experience they’ll remember for the rest of their lives (hopefully for all the right reasons).
    It’s true what Paul is saying about leaving family and loved ones for such a long time. In my younger days I used to tour a lot, and for me it really hit home when I was touring with a theater company and we had a run in NYC extended by one week just before Christmas (for the record – I voted against extending the run). When I called home to inform my wife and 3 year old son that I wouldn’t be coming home for another week, I told my wife I wanted to talk to our son and she told him I wanted to talk to him and I heard him say, “I’ll talk to him when he gets home” (quite the clarity from a 3 year old). So, yes, that was hard. BUT….. even with that, the touring, performances, and the people I met are things that I will always cherish.
    So now instead of doing the touring, I now get to set into motion these types of experiences (the good and the challenging) for the next generation of performers, as well as for those from my generation who have managed to hold on to their youthful energy and enthusiasm.
    So here’s wishing VOCES8 safe travels, especially in all states ending in “ota”!

  2. 21. Januar 2012, 09:57 | #2

    Hi Craig,

    congratulations for setting up this amazing tour. Thanks also for sharing your personal experience: That’s exactly why people come and read Vocal Blog. Maybe you would be in for a blog post about booking and touring in the US, something of practical help for both US and foreign groups. This would be very interesting and if you found the time for this, I’d be happy to publish it anytime.

    Best wishes


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