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Home > Main > iNtrmzzo – Testosterone, Laughter and Total Surprise

iNtrmzzo – Testosterone, Laughter and Total Surprise

Florian Städtler, Vocal Blog founder interviewed Tjidde Luhrs, singer, IEM specialist and social media wizard with Dutch vocal group iNtrmzzo. By the way: This is Vocal Blog post no. 100 – thanks to all of my co-bloggers, interviewees, proofreaders and all others who joined the vocal music conversation. Let’s add another digit to the number of posts!


iNtrmzzo has been around for quite a while. How would you describe the group’s history and artistic development in short?

iNtrmzzo as a band exists more then 20 years. The last six years in a new format with more humor, beatbox and brutality. We dont like to just perform a song. We want the audience to laugh about it or to be amazed about it. Nothing is what it seems like with us !


The current line-up consists of three Dutch and one German singer – who are they and how did they become members of the group?

Merijn was already a member of the „old“ iNtrmzzo. Wouter was already sub-bing for someone else so he became a „real“ member. Clemens auditioned and amazed everybody with his beatboxing and singing skills…and doing those things all at the same time. And I myself joined the band after a call from Wouter. We where in a band together before iNtrmzzo. I called him just to chat a bit, but he was busy auditioning for a new member. I said: „ Could that be something for me….?“ Rest is history.


If you look at the „haircut“ of the group, it looks, well, quite clearly arranged. Is there any reason for iNtrmzzo’s collective bald-headedness?

Yes, you have to be bald in order to be a member !! Besides that: we’re old !!  sexy though…..;-)


When you come to see the group live, it’s impossible not to laugh a lot. What role does humour play in the group’s concept?

A big role. iNtrmzzo = Humor. We love to make people laugh. In every song there is a moment of laughter. Or a moment of total surprise !


Would you want the audience to rather see you as comedians who sing or singers who happen to be hilarious?

Singers who happen to be hilarious ! No show without the singing…. ;-)


The group has always been on tour a lot – what’s next on the gig list, where can your fans see the group?

A lot of our shows take place in The Netherlands. But February and March 2012 will be filled with shows in Germany and Switzerland.

  •  24.02.12 – Bunde (D) – Universität
  • 25.02.12 – Anroechte (D) – Burgerhaus
  • 01.03.12 – Korbach (D) – Stadthalle
  • 02.03.12 – Blieskastel (D) – Bliesgau Festhalle
  • 03.03.12 – Bayreuth (D) – Stadthalle
  • 04.03.12 – Biberach (D) – Stadthalle
  • 14.03.12 – Konstanz (D) – Il Boccone
  • 15.03.12 – Gaggenau (D) – Klag-bühne
  • 16.03.12 – Friedrichshaven (D) – Bahnhof Fischbach
  • 17.03.12 – Mels (CH) – Altes Kino


The Netherlands and Germany are certainly two of your main areas to perform. How would you compare the two countries regarding their „a cappella infrastructure“?

There’s a way bigger a cappella culture in Germany. In Holland we’re pretty much the only pro band. In Germany there are a lot of pro bands. Always a pleasure to be in Germany and meet other groups.


The European vocal music scene is vibrant and there seems to be lots of good things coming from various countries and styles. What is from your point of view the most interesting musical development?

Those band who keep staying innovative are always nice to listen to.


As a group of professional musicians you know that it’s a lot of hard work to keep a group going and innovative over a long time. What keeps you going anyway?

Fun is an important factor. We really like to tour with „the guys“. The pleasure of performing on stage is the most important thing – and of course making music together.


Finally, we are all looking forward to the long-awaited iNtrmzzo DVD. When can we expect to hold it in our hands?

We expect it to hold it in our hands too: Somewhen in April ! Keep you posted. ;-)


Thanks for doing this interview for Vocal Blog – anything else that our readers must know, something you want to tell the a cappella world?

Just keep visiting our shows and join us on Twitter and Facebook.


Besides being a singer within iNtrmzzo, Tjidde Luhrs is also an InEar Monitor specialist with

He also runs the band’s social media. Further info on iNtrmzzo can be found on and


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