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Home > Main > So…Business and Pleasure

So…Business and Pleasure

by Tine Fris (Postyr Project, DEN), originally posted at on Aug 11th, 2012

So… it’s been busy -not boring- lately, and that’s why I haven’t written you a blog for a while. I feel like I have been living inside a washing machine for the last couple of months. Trying to find some solid ground under my feet, but constantly finding myself turning upside down, bending over backwards or simply just dizzy.

So… what’s the fuzz about? Well, basically we have been trying to build a sustainable structure around the ”Postyr Project” to ensure our continuous creative development. Maybe you would think that would mean a looot of time spent in a nice summer house by the beach writing songs, drinking red wine and eating a home cooked meal, but no.

So… Yes, I also really like to cook, but that’s besides the point. For now, I will leave it at letting you in on my basic recipe for writing music

1)    Inspiration (red wine, summer house, life, other artists, a bird, what ever)

2)    Improvisation (in the bath, on the bike, walking, where ever)

3)    Composition (taking the best parts of the improvisation and developing and shaping them into a certain more or less fixed form –it’s like a puzzle, suddenly it’s all into place)

4)    Arranging (What aspect of the song should be in focus? –It’s like arranging the meal on the plate –just to top it off with a food metaphor)

So… basically it all starts with inspiration. But let me tell you what is NOT inspirational: Bills, tech stuff that doesn’t work and not sleeping at night because the to do list keeps getting longer every day.

So… Basically, what we found out during the fall of 2011 was that in order to be able to have the time to be inspired (and write music and rehearse it and record it etc.) we needed to do a couple of other things first:

1)    Make a business plan that would make us able to make enough money to quit most of our day jobs, so we could spent more time on Postyr Project.

2)    Find the right business partners that could help us realize the business plan.

3)    Find out what yet undiscovered creative, organizational and personal resources we had within the group and find a way to use these resources in the best way.

4)    Find a way to improve communication to ensure that information is shared and everyone has their say and is on the same page as to where the project is heading and why we are making the decisions we are making

5)    Find a way to handle the physical stress in relation to heavy traveling and touring so the voices are ready for rehearsal, recordings and concerts when needed.

6)    Find a way to handle the emotional stress of dealing with uncertainty of the future, outside pressure and personal ups and downs.

So… We haven’t been bored. It’s been and it still is a true journey into the minefield of the business and into the hearts and minds of everyone in the group. And then after we got the most important things done, we wrote a whole bunch of new songs and recorded it and now we are in the process of mixing it and deciding what to do with it, and tomorrow we are meeting at my new place to hang out, talk and enjoy a bottle of red wine or two. I think that’s what they call business AND pleasure.

If you want to become (or already are) a Tine Fris fan, too, check her out on Facebook, Twitter and through the Postyr Project website.

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