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Home > Main > BigQ #1.1 – Reply to “What exactly is a cappella?”

BigQ #1.1 – Reply to “What exactly is a cappella?”

by Andrea Figallo – as a reply to Florian Städtler‘s post “BigQ #1 – What exactly is a cappella?”

Fascinating post (BigQ #1.0 “What exactly is a cappella?”), full of information.
I find some of it to not be completely correct, IMHO.

RE: what a cappella singers have in common:
1. they are human beings
2. they share a number of very similar experiences through their musical life:
the passion for music, studying music, studying and training their instrument (maybe), learning parts, rehearsing together, traveling, doing soundchecks, performing, etc. Very few compose music/lyrics, some arrange, etc.To me, that’s not enough to automatically turn them into best friends. But it surely is a good starting point.

Then there are musicians. What do thay have in common?
1. they are human beings
2. the passion for music, studying music, studying and mastering one (or more) musical instruments, rehearsing together (in groups with different instruments), traveling, doing soundchecks, performing, etc. Some compose music/lyrics, all of them arrange, etc.

The musicians group is huge. The participants only have “music” in common. Not enough at all to make them best friends.

The a cappella club seems to be very small, autoreferential, and with too strict unwritten rules (i.e. *that* group uses a loop station, it’s not fair, that’s not a cappella… etc).

Another point I feel pretty strongly about:
in jazz and in classical music we are not “required” to compose. Performing and intepreting (in various degrees, of course) is all we’re asked to do.
In all other music genres, composition seems to be a pre-requisite. That’s the only way to bring something new to the world. Tell me a story; use a melody and an arrangement to describe the mood. Make me laugh, make me cry, make me hum your songs in the shower.

The House Jacks did show me a different angle of “So Far Away”, one I hadn’t heard before. But I still think about Carole when I hum it.
I don’t think of HJ as pioneers because of Andrew and his amazing full time job on VP. It’s me humming “The way it makes me feel”, “Unbroken”, “Dive into you”, “Feeling Funky” that makes them the pioneers of rhythmic a cappella music in my head. And because of their huge-risk-taking albums packed with original songs.
Would Take 6 have made it without their original songs? (yes, they probably would have… but do you get my point?)
Would The Real Group? (from Chili Con Carne, to Gøta, to The World For Christmas)

I’d love you people to correct me where you think different than me, and maybe help me change my mind. I’d love to see the bigger picture better.
Because there might not be one truth to find, but there surely are many wrongs to undo.

I think I’ve about digested my Xmas lunch now. Inspiration is over – time for bed.

Here’s a link to the original Facebook thread featuring Andrea Figallo, Indra Tedjasukmana and Florian Städtler.

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