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Archiv für Februar, 2013

The Real Group – Win Tickets for March tour in Germany!

by Florian Städtler, Vocal Blog

[>> German version below <<]

From now on, Vocal Blog readers in different countries or regions will be given the opportunity to win concert tickets for a cappella concerts of international top acts. So here’s your first opportunity: Win 2 x 2 tickets for the concert of The Real Group in Limburgerhof, Germany on March 7th 2013, 20:00h. Just send the answer to this question to

The Real Group’s baritone is Morten Vinther Sørensen and he comes from

  1. Norway
  2. Denmark
  3. Sweden
  4. Latvia.

Easy, isn’t it? So don’t let this opportunity pass by and if you won’t be one of the lucky winners, go see The Real Group live anyway: They are one of a kind, a fascinating and inspiring live experience.

And by the way, the ticket hotline for Limburgerhof is +49 621 40 76 01.

[>> German version below, see English version above <<]

Ab sofort können Vocal Blog-Leser in verschiedenen Ländern und Regionen regelmäßig Konzertkarten für A Cappella-Top Acts gewinnen. Hier nun die erste Chance für Vocal-Music-Glückspilze: Jetzt 2 x 2 Tickets für das Real Group-Konzert in Limburgerhof (Nähe Ludwigshafen) am 7. März 2013 gewinnen. Schickt die richtige Antwort auf die unten stehende Frage an und bei der Verlosung dabei sein.

Der Bariton der Real Group heißt Morten Vinther Sørensen und kommt aus…

  1. Norwegen
  2. Dänemark
  3. Schweden
  4. Lettland

Einfach? Zu einfach? Wie auch immer, die Real Group live ist ein tolles Erlebnis, dass Ihr so oder so nicht verpassen solltet. Für das Konzert in Limburgerhof kann man übrigens auch noch “ganz normal” Karten kaufen, Telefon-Bestell-Hotline ist 0621/ 40 76 01. Die restliche März-Tour ist so gut wie ausverkauft.


Leipzig 2012 Revisited (1): AudioFeels

via Festival für Vokalmusik Leipzig (GER), 2012

Leipzig’s a cappella festival is a true work of art – for many years this 10-days event has presented almost every vocal star you can imagine from Bobby McFerrin to The Real Group and The King’s Singers. Hosted by Germany’s pride in classical a cappella, amarcord, the 2013 programme is fantastic as always presenting Sjaella (GER), Graindelavoix (BEL), Postyr Project (DEN), Orlando Consort (UK), The Magnets (UK), Huun-Huur-Tu (Tuwa), Latvian Voices (LAT), Naturally 7 (USA) and as the traditional opening concert, amarcord themselves. Yes, this is only ONE festival…

But before we will introduce you to this year’s line-up, we want to look back to the 2012 edition. Leipzig’s programme book is as premium as the festival and its founders and included interviews with every group performing at the festival. Vocal Blog is happy to present a series of interviews with the 2012 vocal groups who came to Leipzig and haven’t been featured on the blog yet. Thanks to Friederike Frieler and Wolfram Lattke for sharing this with the a cappella community.

The first in this series is an interview with Jaroslaw Weidner, singer with the Polish vocal group AudioFeels.


Audiofeels’ Jaroslaw Weidner

First of all, would you please introduce us to your group: How and when did the group form?

The group was established in 2007. We were singers of Adam Mickiewicz University Choir, when our conductor suggested to basses and tenors, to prepare one special song for the annual New Year’s Concert in Poznan. About twelve men from our choir, including us of course, arranged a song and performed it during the concert. The strong audience reaction made us think: How about singing more songs in an all-male ensemble? How about doing it seriously, more professional?


The concept of AudioFeels is to create the complete sound of a band by imitating all instruments and sounds with your voices (Vocal Play). How does one acquire and adopt the sound and the “language” of an instrument?

The best way to create a veritable vocal-sound of an instrument is to improvise. Trying, rehearsing, giving a sound to the microphone, listening to it in front of a speaker, recording, and of course – listening to the original sound of an instrument.


You met at Adam Mickiewicz University Choir, but had to leave the choir after you started AudioFeels. Why exactly were you dismissed?

Dismissed is not an accurate term. After our first small performance, we were talking a lot about our future, we were writing new arrangements, rehearsing, testing microphones. Finally we came to a point, where we posed ourselves a question: what should we do, to have enough time to do it for real? The only way to sing on a professional level in a small ensemble was to focus exclusively on this particular ensemble. We decided to leave the choir.


Your group consists of eight persons – that seems to require discipline and a good management of how to share all the work. Do you write songs and arrangements together? Is there someone who is the conductor while rehearsing? Who takes over which task in the group?

Indeed, it requires discipline and some management skills, but not more than in other groups. Mostly, Marek Lewandowski and and I write arrangements for our group. Sometimes we improvise, we try to „jam” and arrange songs during rehearsal. We do not have a conductor. We switch our functions and tasks. We have very natural division of competence – the one who writes the arrangement conducts reading and rehearsing of his arrangement. Simple and efficent.


Were there any songs or even sounds that you found a hard nut to crack to make them suitable for your concept?

All „contemporary”, electronic sounds like for example synthesizers are hard to imitate.


Audiofeels live in concert

Obviously you’re huge fans of rock and pop music. Nevertheless you can handle sounds of more classical instruments, too, like strings (as can be heard on ‘Lux Aeterna’ and ‘Bittersweet’, for example). Could you imagine doing a piece of classical music, too – something like Bach’s Brandenburg concertos or a string quartet by Beethoven? (These pieces may not be suitable for your line-up, so please take them as pure examples of classical music.)

Of course we can imagine doing a piece of classical music. We grew up on classical music, we listen to classical music all the time. A week ago we took part in an opera show, based on polish movie „Dzien Swira”. We perforemed there as a traditional „greek choir”, commenting thoughts and psychic of the main character. What’s more, we recently recieved invitations from Polish opera singers, to make a concert where they would sing solos, and we would do the orchestral background. We definitely want to try it!


You already toured throughout Poland, where your first album received a Gold record, too, and took third place in “Mam talent!” – have you already become rock stars in your home country?

It is not a question for us to answer. You should probably aks audiences in Poland. Vocal music is and always will be a very sophisticated and rather alternative genre of musical expression. It will never touch the mainstream. If someone wants to become a pop star, performing in an a capella group is not the easiest way to achieve it.


Please tell us something about your new album that consists of cover songs as well as original songs by members of your group. What were your goals with the new cd?

Our new album is called UnFinished. It consists of 2 CDs, one with covers and one with our original compositions. From the begining we wanted to write our own songs. For us it is a normal and natural consequence of forming a vocal group. Nevertheless all the time we listen to all kinds of music – pop, rock, jazz, hip-hop etc. We are inspired by different music genres and we liked some of the songs, that we listened to so much, that we decided to write arrangements and include them on our album.


The album is called “UnFinished” – are we to conclude that this isn’t yet the end of the road you’re travelling on? What are your next goals?

Our second album is called UnFinished because it is just another stage in our evolution. He have numerous ideas how we can use our voices in different, unusual situations. We are still beginners, we have been singing as AudioFeels for 4.5 years until now. We try not to sum up our achievements, this project is still under permanent development.


What do you expect from your concert… your return to Leipzig?

We expect excellent atmosphere, great audience, nice and competent festival crew. Last year was a very special year for us in Leipzig. It was the first contest we took part in and fortunatley we did pretty well. We are very happy to have the honor to perform this year.

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International A Cappella Festival List, vol.3

by Florian Städtler (Vocal Blog) and Dave Bernstein (Acatribe)

Uploaded by blogging buddies Dave Bernstein and Florian Städtler, this list is the result of successful social media crowdsourcing. Thanks for sharing your favourite a cappella events: Tine Fris, Jeanine Rondas, Michele Manzotti, Christine Liu, Michal Hromcik, Sandra Hylla, Christophe Hui-Bon Hoa and Casey Gallas. Extra special thanks to Joep Hopstaken for allowing us to use the information from a wonderful Facebook thread he started a few months ago. And to Vokalklang‘s Clarissa for her contributions. By the way, you can add your festival ideas there or via e-mail to

This list is by no means complete and will be updated on a regular basis. We hope that someday there’ll be one central global source for all these dates and events. Until we got that, stay tuned with Acatribe and Vocal Blog, where regular updates will be made. Note: We have decided to keep the events that have already passed until we have information about their next editions.




January 19th, 2013
Lievekamp A Cappella Evening, Oss (NED)


January 24-26, 2013
London A Cappella Festival (UK)
Hosted by 5-times Grammy winners the Swingle Singers, the festival has quickly become both a top-notch concert and educational event and the meeting point for European and North American a cappella artists and fans.


February 8-10, 2013

International Gdansk Choral Festival


February 16, 2013

BALK Festival Oost, Ulft (NED)

Choir festival with 500 singers involved, feat. choral conductor Merel Martens


March 15-17, 2013

The Voice Festival UK


March 15-23, 2013

Total Choral – Pop/Jazz Chor-Festival, Berlin (GER)


March 15-24, 2013

A Cappella Rorschach (SWI)


March 22-24, 2013                                                                                                  

EverySing! Festival, Ville de Montlouis-sur-Loire (FRA)

The 2013 festival features concerts and workshops with Rajaton (FIN), Emel Mathlouthi, Jean-Baptiste Craipeau,Radio Quartet, Triwap and the Babiturik Singers among others.


April 16 and 18, 2013

Prague Aca Fest 2013 (CZE)

Details tba


April 27-May 1, 2013

Internationaler Chorwettbewerb & Festival, Bad Ischl (AUT)


April 28th, 2013

MTLacappella | Montreal’s A Cappella Music Festival

14:30 – 22:00 -  15$ – Sala Rossa | 4848 St-Laurent

Casa Del Popolo | 4873 St-Laurent


May 8-11, 2013

7. Wetterauer Musik Sommer Akademie – Festivokal

“Jeder kann singen” – “Everybody can sing”


May 23-25, 2013

A Cappella Festival Appenzell (SWI)

One of smaller European vocal music festivals, but always worth a trip. And the 2013 line-up is fantastic: US up-and-coming, all-star group The Exchange meeting traditional Swiss folk music, Germany’s a cappella globetrotters Slixs (formerly known as The Stouxingers) and Dutch comedy vocal quartet iNtrmzzo.


April 27-May 5, 2013
A Cappella Woche Hannover (GER)
A week of pro concert groups shows. the 2013 festival has announced The Boxettes (UK), Slixs (GER), Vocal Line (DEN) and Cadence (CAN) as artists featured at #acwh13.


May 17-20, 2013

Aarhus Vocal Festival 2013 (DEN)
Probably one of the best vocal music festivals in the world. Hosted by the world’s best „rhythmic choir“ Vocal Line (DEN) and Aarhus Conservatory patron Bobby McFerrin, the third edition of AAVF will certainly be an amazing event, that will bring together a cappella enthusiasts from everywhere around the world.


May-July 2013
Stimmakrobaten Festival (GER)
Concert series with a small number of pro and semi-pro vocal groups in the beautiful surroundings of the Sauerland mountains, featuring Rajaton among others


May 25-June 2, 2013
Festival für Vokalmusik Leipzig (GER)
Hosted by Germany’s most successful classical vocal group Amarcord, Leipzig has brought almost every international super group to Bach’s hometown. The 2012 festival features the hosts in the opening concert, Naturally 7 (USA), Postyr Project (DEN) and many more shows from pop to jazz, from classical to world music.


June 5-9, 2013
Tampere Vocal Music Festival and Competition (FIN)           

The Tampere festival organizers are the first to officially announce a performance of what was only a rumour yet: The new super-group of  Scandinavian a cappella, Level Eleven feat. a whole new programme with the combined magic of Rajaton and The Real Group. Go there if you can!


June 8, 2013

Vocaal Festival Amusing Hengelo (NED)


June 8, 2013

Chortreffen Ibbenbüren (GER)


June 9, 2013

Sing a cappella Festival and Workshop Day

featuring The Magnets. Further info from


June 8-9, 2013

Odense Vokal Festival, Odense (DEN)

Workshops featuring Sanne Graulund, Kristoffer Fynbo Thorning (Postyr Project), Malene Rigtrup, Lone Hegelund Skytte, Hanne Smith Pedersen

Masterclass for vocal groups and choirs by Jens Johansen, Vocal Line.


June 13-27, 2013

Hofkonzerte – A cappella, Winterthur (SWI)


June 2013
Solevoci A-Cappella International Contest and Festival, Varese (ITA)
Italy’s most successful vocal music event with both competition and international festival.


July 22-25, 2013
vokal total, 14th International A Cappella Competition, Graz (AUT)
Europe’s most prestigious a cappella competition; opening day with „Emperor of the Mic“ beatbox competition.


June-August 2013
Crest Jazz Vocal Festival, Crest (FRA)


Aug 1-9, 2013
XXI Choralies, Vaison-la-Romaine (FRA)


August 22-26, 2013
Ohrid Choir Festival (Macedonia)


August 30-31, 2013
Nuits des choeurs / Stemmen onder de Sterren, Braine-l’Alleud (BEL) 


September-October 2013
Acappellica, Hamburg (GER)
Second season for the new “vocalhamburgfestival”. Top acts 2012: maybebop, Postyr Project


September 6-8, 2013

BerVokal – A Cappella Pop Festival, Berlin (GER)

featuring various workshops and a closing concert with Maybebop.


September 12-15, 2013, Dortmund (GER)


September 27 – October 03, 2013
sangeslust, Bayreuth (GER)
Third edition of one of the most original and entertaining vocal music events in Germany featuring innovative elements like „Serenata Balkonia“ and five bands rotating through five different restaurants on one night.


October -November 2013
Voice Mania, Vienna (AUT)
Austria’s leading festival of vocal music: One month packed with amateur, semi-pro and pro shows in a beautiful city.


November 2, 2013

Tonart-Festival Ilmenau (GER)


November 9th, 2013

BALK Top Festival, Rotterdam (NED)


October-December 2013
Vokal Total, Munich (GER)
If you are counting the number of gigs, Munich’s Total Vokal might be “the biggest” a cappella festival in the world. With small and medium locations (there are exceptions, e.g. headliner like Maybebop performing in the prestigious „Prinzregententheater“), this festival doesn’t only present the top 10 international groups, but still has an amazing list of extraordinary a cappella acts singing in Oktoberfest City.

October/November 4, 2013

Polyfollia International Summer Festival, Saint-Lo (FRA)
Choir festival, open to all kinds of music, both acoustic and amplified. 2012 line-up: Cadence, Audiofeels, Pust, Da No Coro as well as choirs performing contemporary music from Asia, Scandinavia and the Baltic.


January 18-19, 2014
VocCologne, Köln (GER)
One top act (2011: The Real Group, 2012: maybebop, 2013: The King’s Singers, 2014: tab) and a fantastic workshop programme hosted by Cologne Musikhochschule.


January 23-25, 2014
London A Cappella Festival (UK)
Hosted by 5-times Grammy winners the Swingle Singers, the festival has quickly become both a top-notch concert and educational event and the meeting point for European and North American a cappella artists and fans.


August 2014
Vocal Pop & Jazz Days, Oberhausen (GER)


October 1-30, 2014
Festival Espoochor, Espoo (FIN)
Hosted by Finnish vocal group Club for Five (artistic directors), this event will be in its eleventh season and will attract international choirs and vocal ensembles.


October/November 4, 2014

Polyfollia World Showcase and Marketplace for Choral Singing, Saint-Lo (FRA)



No future dates announced yet for the following European events:


Vocal Jazz Summit, Mainz (GER)


Vokalarm, Trondheim (NOR)


The Real Group Festival, Stockholm (SWE)
2012′s TRGF features such European powerhouses as The Real Group, Rajaton, Postyr Project, the Swingle Singers, and Jake Moulton, among others. Find the link to the 119-page 2012 programme book (not complete yet, but already very impressive) here and watch an video invitation by The Real Group themselves. The first Real (Group) Festival took place in 2008, but 2014 The Real Group will celebrate their 30th anniversary, so maybe…


Vocal Marathon, Rijeka (CRO)
The festival is founded by the music professionals gathered in non government organization Marathon Association from Rijeka, Croatia, which main activities are planning, organizing and promoting music, vocal and instrumental education, concert organization, collaboration with similar organizations in Croatia and internationally. The concept of the festival is based on performing in few vocal categories, similar to vocal contests elsewhere in the world.


VocalZone, Kiev (UKR)
Hosted by Man Sound, 2012 was the festival’s fifth edition. Since 2006 the VOCAL ZONE has hosted BR6 (Brazil), Perpetuum Jazzile (Slovenia), Rock4 (Holland), Pitsj (Norway), FoolMoon (Hungary), STOUXINGERS (Germany), Affabre Concinui (Poland), A Cappella Express (Russia), JukeBox (Russia), Camerata (Belarus), UniVox (Moldova), Picardy Terciya (Ukraine), JazzEx (Ukraine), Beauty Band (Ukraine).


Fool Moon International A Cappella Festival (HUN)
Hosted by Hungarian No. 1 vocal group Fool Moon.


Zoom+ Festival, Trnva (Slowakia)


A Cappella Open, Moscow (RUS)


Voxon A Cappella Festival, Bleiburg (AUT)
17. Sparkassen A Cappella Festival im Westfalenpark, Dortmund (GER)



Stemvork Festival, Torhout (BEL)




February 1-3, 2013

Los Angeles A Cappella Festival, Los Angeles, CA

Showcase Concert: MO5AIC, Delilah, Dakaboom (hosts), Freeman (from The Sing-Off China); Scholastic Competition: HOST- Overboard; Competitors include UCLA Scattertones, Calabases HS Unstrumental, Oakland School for the Arts Vocal Rush, USC Reverse Osmosis, USC Trojan Men, UCLA Medleys; noteworthy: Sonos will debut songs from their upcoming album at the Essential Listening workshop


February 8-9, 2013

NE Voices, Wilmington, MA

Headliners: The Funx, Musae

Noteworthy: Liquid 5th Productions will be running sound for the concerts.


February 15-16, 2013

Mile High Vocal Jam, Denver, CO

Headliners: Urban Method, Musae

Noteworthy: Mark Kibble and Alvin Chea of Take 6 will be clinicians


March 1-3, 2013

Sing Strong, Reston VA

Performers include Nota, Traces, Julia Easterlin, Blue Jupiter, Slaveya, The Funx, GQ, and Amy Engelhardt


March 9, 2013

Texas A Cappella Calebration, San Antonio, TX

Headliners: Delilah, Overboard

Noteworthy: This is a new addition to the CASA festival lineup


March 22-24, 2013

Sing Strong, Skokie IL

Performers include Nota, the Swingle Singers, Traces, Julia Easterlin, Blue Jupiter, THUMMp, and the New Tradition Chorus


April 5-7, 2013

Boston Sings [BOSS], Boston, MA

Headliners: Postyr Project, Five O’Clock Shadow

Scholastic Competition: HOST- The House Jacks

Noteworthy: The festival will again offer a red carpet awards ceremony for the Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards


April 28, 2013

Montreacappella, Montreal, QC, Canada

Details tba


May 9-12, 2013

Toronto Vocal Arts, Toronto, Canada

Details tba


June 10-15, 2013

Camp Acappella at Ohio State University 

a festival for high school students (will expand to more ages in 2014)


Summer, 2013

VoCALnation, Philadelphia, PA

Details tba


Fall, 2013

AcappellaFest, Chicago, IL

Details tba


Fall, 2013

SoJam, Raleigh, NC

Details tba


Feb-May, 2013

Harmony Sweepstakes A Cappella Festival

Terrific and often-overlooked, this annual competition has produced winners or finalists including Six Appeal, Groove for Thought, m-pact, Toxic Audio,  Naturally 7, The Idea of North, The Coats, North Shore, and Overboard (to name a few). So, while these are strictly competitions without workshops or masterclasses, they should be on your radar. Finals are May 18, 2013, San Rafael, CA.


Also, don’t forget the various ICCA and ICHSA competitions which will culminate in New

York City on April 19-20, 2013 at The Town Hall.




March 2nd, 2013

Hong Kong International A Cappella Festival

Headliner: The House Jacks 


March 16-24, 2013
Youth Voices  – Vocal Music Fest 2013, Singapore (SIN)

Another first from The A Cappella Society. A  week-long showcase featuring a variety of youth groups and hosted by the TAS Youth Voices. This year, we are expanding into an outreach tour, performing at venues within different CDC zones so as to reach out to the community and new audiences.

Tickets: $15 (General Admission, Free-seating)
$10 (for purchase with OCBC Cards, PAssion Card, and AlumNUS)
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: (Please see below)
16 & 17 March 2013 – Aliwal Arts Centre

(the following dates and venues are free to the public, programme will be different)
18 March – Woodlands Library Auditorium
20 March – Jurong Library Programme Zone
22 March – Tampines Library Auditorium
23 March –  Esplanade Library Open Stage


March 1-24, 2013

Youth Vocal Music Fest, Singapore
More info will follow


March 15 – April 27, 2013

Hong Kong International A Cappella Festival, Hong Kong


April 6-21, 2013
Spring Vocal Festival, Taipei (Taiwan)
Taiwan Choral Music Center gathered all local A Cappella groups for a day of A Cappella marathon on 6 April. The Exchange from the US, Ommm from France and Micappella from Singapore are also invited to attend this gathering. After the main day, International groups started their tour concerts adventure for about two weeks.


April 21, 2013
FAN – Festival of A Cappella Nagoya (JAP)


June 22-23, 2013
Yamanashi A Cappella Summit, Yamanashi (JAP)


July 7, 2013
National A Cappella Championships, Singapore (SIN)
In its 12th year, the National A Cappella Championships (aka AcaChamps) has become a staple in The A Cappella Society’s annual calendar of events. It invites the best a cappella groups from all corners of Singapore and the world to compete in a sing-off that challenges not only the performers themselves, but also the audience in re-evaluating the ever-changing genre of a cappella music.


July 15-21, 2013
Shanghai Children A Cappella Camp, Shanghai (CHI)


July 22-28, 2013
Shanghai A Cappella Camp, Shanghai (CHI)
Vocal Asia hosting China’s one and only A Cappella festival for groups coming from all over China.  Instructors include a cappella artist from around the world.  Festival content include 3-day workshop followed by a competition.


July 22-28, 2013

Shanghai A Cappella Festival (Shanghai, China)
Vocal Asia hosts China’s first contemporary A Cappella festival for groups coming from all over China.  Instructors include Ray Chu, Francis Lai, Christine Liu from Taiwan, and guest artist Fool  Moon from Hungary.  Festival content include 3-day workshop followed by a competition.


August 22-25, 2013
Vocal Asia Festival, Yaoyuan (Taiwan)
One of Asia’s biggest festivals dedicated to contemporary A Cappella which include a 3-day workshops lead by world
renowned A Cappella musicians including Rajaton, Freeplay Duo, Peder Karlsson, and Deke Sharon for groups coming from all over Asia, including China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan.


August 22-25, 2013
Kanazawa A Cappella Town, Kanazawa (Japan)


October 1-31, 2013

A Cappella Society’s International A Cappella Festival
The A Cappella Society celebrates 6 years of excellent programming with first class vocal music from around the world! Since its start-up in 2007, our International A Cappella Festival has established itself as a month-long vocal extravaganza featuring top A Cappella groups from across the globe performing in a multitude of genres and styles! In 2013, the festival will open with an outdoor concert at the Botanical Garden’s Symphony Stage which can sit up to 4,000 people.


October 12-27, 2013 

Taiwan International Contemporary A Cappella Festival, Taipei (Taiwan)
Established in 2001, this is the first festival dedicated to contemporary A Cappella in Taiwan, and has been running annually since then.  The festival includes international competitions, workshops, touring concerts for international groups, master classes, and open air singing. Starting from 2012, the international competition become bi-annual. This festival has join-venture with Graz Vokal.Total a cappella competition.


The Aca Champs, as it is endearingly known as, is a programme that aims to provide positive reinforcement for all participating groups and serves as an annual testing ground for local and new pop / jazz a cappella groups to compete against one another in a friendly environment, winning prizes that would enable them to reach more performance platforms and opportunities in our society.


November 8-10, 2013

Asia A Cappella Festival, Hong Kong
Concerts.  Competition for collegiate groups.  Subject to change, for updated information, please visit

No future dates announced yet for the following Asian events:


International A Cappella Summit Forum (Taipei, Taiwan) – bi-annual
Vocal Asia gathers important figures from each Asian
country together to present each region’s A Cappella development and potential collaborations in the future between regions.  Presenters include Angelina Choo (Singapore), Ray Chu (Taiwan), Kwok-Tung Fung (Hong Kong & Macau), Sungmo Han (Korea), Kaichiro Kitamura (Japan), Jin Wang (China), as well as keynote speakers Peder Karlsson representing Europe and Deke Sharon representing the America.





May 6, 2013
Get Vocal 2013 – Melbourne Vocal Music Festival


July 7-14, 2013

Festival of Voices in Tasmania (AUS)

Deke Sharon will be directing a contemporary a cappella track




No future dates announced yet
Namibia International Vocal Festival, Windhoek (Namibia)
The 2012 festival was hosted by Vocal Motion Six, feat. Rajaton


And now it’s your turn: If you have something to add, let us know right away to make this list better and better. If you are an event organizer, you’re invited to write a Vocal Blog post of your own and tell our readers what makes your festival unique and why it should be on this list. Looking forward to your links, tipps and recommendations.

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