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Home > Main > 11 People I haven’t met but want to meet at SoJam 2013

11 People I haven’t met but want to meet at SoJam 2013

by Florian Städtler, founder and editor-in-chief of Vocal Blog

Florian with Kaspers SoJam X passHey, I can’t believe it’s November yet and even more incredible: I’m going to be back at one of the finest events on planet a cappella: SoJam A Cappella Festival 2013 is only a few hours away! And I should rather try to get a few hours of sleep before trying to catch my bus to a train to a plane to another plane to Tom Keyes‘ car to Durham, North Carolina.

During SoJams 2011 and 2012 I was lucky to meet a lot of wonderful people from the US and elsewhere. It would be a very hot potatoe to post a select ten of the many great folks I’ve already met at SoJam or somewhere else in the world. So I’m going to tell you (and actually also the mentioned people, too), who I haven’t (really) met and talked to in person yet but would love to: For a drink and/or a little Vocal Blog video chat on the SoJam campus.

  1. Mallory Zuckerman – because she asked me to come and made all the arrangements. Thank you for addressing me so nicely with “My dear” in every single e-mail ;)
  2. Dave Longo – of course we somehow “met”, but did we ever have time for a proper chat? Hope he won’t be too busy, but it would be great to talk about US and EU a cappella worlds
  3. Jasleen Marie Sperandio – because I’ve seen more beautiful pictures of her than of any other Facebook friends. And she’s the perfect reason to invite oneself to the home of my friends Lena & Dave Sperandio
  4. A Durham hairdresser – because I want to get my first ever US haircut…do I have to be nervous? I tried to get one over here, but was too late and I don’t know if the US Airways flight attendants would do me that favor.
  5. Deborah Rosanwo – because I absolutely want her to join the European Voices Association team. And as we never managed to really talk in the country we live, we will use a trip across the pond to finally talk about the future of European a cappella
  6. Ein Ein, Calin, Juni, Peter, Eugene, YK, because I have neither met Micappella nor seen them live on a stage. As a German I particularly like the name Ein Ein. For us Germans that sounds like a double No.1 :)
  7. Eh440 - because I have to admit that I had not heard of them before seeing them on the SoJam website. Make me less ignorant, Canadians…and say hello to the Vocal Blog readers/viewers
  8. Patrick Hockberger – not only because his name sounds quite familiar for people from German-speaking countries, but I think his bio sound really interesting. So does his workshop title “Business Plan Contest”. Must have this man on the blog.
  9. Revati Murthy – her background, cross-cultural and multi-stylistic, makes me very curious. And I haven’t met anyone from India yet, who I can talk to about vocal music
  10. Dave Bernstein – because we have co-blogged, e-mailed, FB-chatted etc. etc. quite a lot, but: No face-to-face meeting yet. So this is our chance, can’t wait!
  11. YOU!! – Who I haven’t thought of. I’m looking forward to coming to know many more people that I can learn from and who are willing to share their aca-knowledge with the rest of the world. Don’t be shy, let me know you are at SoJam 2013!

Time to hit the hay now – less than five hours until my alarm will tell me: It’s REALLY that extraordinary, unique time in November now. See you in North Carolina!

Florian Städtler is founder of Vocal Blog, co-founder of Acappellazone, vocal music agent and Chairman of the Board of The European Voices Association. And he’s a BIG FAN of and wants to thank all the people who work their a…es off to make this happen. Follow Florian on his worldwide a cappella trips via Twitter, hashtag #VBontour.

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