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Archiv für Februar, 2015

Fan Review of a Classic: FORK’s Pink Noise

by Rebecca, a die-hard FORK fan

When you are first confronted by FORK, generally your first reaction is ‘wtFORK?’. Then you start to think ‘this is actually quite good’. And then you fall in love. For me it took less than 3 songs. The song was “Jump”, a cheesy 80s pop song. I love the pop sounds and the driving bass line. It’s like an a cappella copy of the original – just that it doesn’t sound a cappella!

This is just one of the tracks on “Pink Noise live” which is the album of FORK’s first large scale theatrical show.

The album starts with “Ray of Light” which in its original form is a mediocre dance song. In the FORK version it is a thumping dance anthem with fantastic techno noises. “Only Girl in the World”, another dance song, is superbly sung by Mia. However the dance highlight of the album and one of FORK’s cleverest arrangements yet is the “Gaga” medley. On this track Jonte’s “Pokerface” morphs into “Bad Romance” which seamlessly transforms into “Radio Gaga”. At the end all three songs can be heard at the same time. It sounds fantastic.

There are also other 80s songs on the album: The ‘guitars’ as well as the drums and bass are the highlights of “You Came”. Although “You’re my Heart, You’re my Soul” was a huge hit in many European countries, I grew up in Britain which Modern Talking never reached, so I have no nostalgic feelings towards this song whatsoever. For me, despite Kasper’s flirtatious singing, it’s still nothing more than a bad 80s pop song! (Sorry).

“Toxic” and “Always on the Run” although very different songs, both have an infectious groove. FORK slow “Toxic” down and turn it into something completely different from the original with a funky groove and haunting sexy vocals – definitely an improvement in my view.

The album doesn’t just consist of upbeat songs. In their beautiful ballads “Hello” and “Kiss from a Rose”, FORK prove (as if it needed proving to anyone) that they are not hiding behind their technical gadgets and that FORK “unplugged” is just as spectacular. One of my favourite FORK songs is Anna’s stunning version of “Sleeping Sun”. I am guaranteed to get goose bumps every time I listen to her sing this song.

As with every album, there is always one song that you’re not so keen on. For me this song is “Fix You” which starts off very simply but seems to take forever to get going. The “guitar” solo and the harmonies later in the song are lovely but I still think it is weakest song choice on the album.

The second song by Coldplay on the album, “Viva la Vida”, is however an excellent choice. This version is beautiful and very close to the original. Recently FORK have used this song in a slightly more upbeat version as one of their encores. It’s a fantastic sing along and great way to end a great evening.

If you are a FORK virgin I urge you to take the plunge, get to know FORK and allow yourself to fall in love. Believe me, it’s a great feeling!

Editorial notes by Florian:

Looking for newer and the newest FORK stuff – or as they would say -  more of that “high-quality nonsense”? Here are the trailers for their second show “Electro Vocal Circus” (2012) and their anniversary show “X” (2014). “Pink Noise” and “Electro Vocal Circus” are available as good-oldfashioned CD albums via, just click on the album titles and order yours.




If you like this kind of stuff, you certainly want to subscribe to the group’s YouTube channel right now. Or look for their tour plan on their website. Or like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, buy their music, make their concert tickets your friend’s most wonderful present ever, imitate Mia’s dance moves, marry their sound engineer…feel free, just let your hair down. Thanks for sharing all the high-quality sense and nonsense on Vocal Blog and Acappellazone, your feedback makes me happy!

Upcoming German/Swiss tour dates: Siegen Feb 19th // Wilhelmshaven Feb 21st // Hameln Feb 22nd // Lörrach Mar 01 // Lengnau Apr 10th/11th …stay tuned for more dates in the summer and fall via!

Accent – Exclusive Interview & Video Favorites

by Florian Städtler, Vocal Blog

Having returned from London A Cappella Festival 2015 only a few days ago, there is so much to write about. I want to start with my encounter with a group that had a King’s Place evening show with their second-ever concert. If you think I’m talking about some up-and-coming UK collegiate group or festival project ensemble, you’re wrong. It was Accent, the “virtual vocal group” that was founded by six YouTube multitrack musicians and singers – on the internet. Find below their bio video (how else could they present themselves as a group?), some of our favorite collaborations on YouTube and an exclusive Vocal Blog interview with Evan Sanders (bass, USA) and Jean-Baptiste Craipeau (tenor 1, FRA).

If you think, I’m talking too much in the interview, you’re right…must have been the excitement to meet those guys in person ;)




We hope to review Accent’s album “Here we are” that was released right before they did their LACF2015 appearance on Vocal Blog very soon. Be sure to get your copy, here’s the playlist: 1. Good News, 2. Rude, 3. Too Close to Comfort, 4. All at once, 5. If You Really Love Me, 6.With a Little Help from my Friends, 6. Song for Gene – and here are four of the album’s songs as originally uploaded on YouTube:

Too Close for Comfort


All At Once

With a Little Help From My Friends


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Join LEOsings in Freiburg, March 5th-8th!

by Florian Städtler, Chairman of the Board, European Voices Association


How do we sing in Europe? How do we teach singing? What do we sing?

From the insight that giving people the opportunity to meet peers from different cultures and countries helps to improve the quality and mutual understanding, experts from five countries and eight partners have joined in the two-year cooperation project “LEOsings!”.

After successful meetings in Barcelona (Spain), Aalborg (Denmark) and Tours (France), the fourth out of five project meetings will take place in Freiburg (Germany) from March 5th to 8th, 2015. This session is hosted by The European Voices Association (EVA) addressing the topic of “Cooperation an Networks in European Vocal Music”.

LEOSINGS (video : Les Loups Blancs) from Les Films du Loup Blanc on Vimeo.

EVA cordially invites choir conductors, arrangers, composers, singers, teachers and organizers from all over Europe to join the project partners’ representatives. The three-and-a-half days conference has three main themes:

  • What’s already out there? Analyzing the European vocal music infrastructure by best practice examples, musical presentations, expert panels and the collective building of a European vocal music map
  • What’s the challenge? What’s in it for me? Discussing the trials and tribulations, the joy and the satisfaction of singers, conductors and organizers in their everyday business as well as presenting a toolbox for vocal music activists
  • Shaping the future of European vocal music. Introducing innovative ways of singing together. Reviewing LEOsings and taking networking to the next level

EVA offers non-project partners to participate at the conference for a special fee of EUR 150 plus catering expenses. The fee includes all lectures, workshops and performances of the LEOsings session. On Saturday, 7th of March, we offer concert tickets to the album launch concert of one of the finest European jazz and pop choirs, Jazzchor Freiburg, conducted by Bertrand Gröger. (ticket price: EUR 20)

If you are interested in an intense experience and exchange with top vocal music teachers and organizers, this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss. Just download the info and registration documents via EVA’s website and feel free to contact the following people if you have questions:

See you in Freiburg!


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